LNG Products

Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage and Transport Tank

We use innovative techniques to produce a comprehensive range of products and services dedicated to the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art vacuum insulated tanks for the distribution and storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG (natural gas) and other cryogenic Gas

  • Standard cryogenic bulk storage (tanks from 2,000 to 60,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)
  • Shop-built, engineered storage tanks up to 1,000,000 litres
  • Site built, custom-made storage tanks up to 5,000,000 litres
  • Cryogenic distribution equipment (delivery units, semi-trailers and ISO containers)
  • Microbulk cryogenic tanks (120 to 2,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)


Cryogenic Vaporizers are offered by our company. These air cryogenic vaporizers consists of two or more finned aluminium elements, manifold together around seamless stainless steel high pressure tube and mounted vertically. There are eight fins in each element. They provide high capacity performance and faster defrosting. We offer:
  • Ambient Vaporizer
  • Fan Draft Vaporizer
  • Hot water bath Vaporizer
  • Steam heater water bath Vaporizer
  • Electric Heated water bath Vaporizer

LNG Pumps

  • Reciprocating
  • Centrifugal
  • Submerged

Natural Gas Heaters

Provides safe heating to natural gas supplies to: AQUA-GAS NG Series Prevent the formation of ice during pressure changes (Joule-Thompson effect) Maintain process temperatures in upstream and downstream distribution systems Protect against internal and external freezing in lines and equipment.The AQUA-GAS NG design is based on a forced draft natural gas burner supplying energy to a water-glycol mixture through a series of multiple pass horizontal fire tubes to increase heat transfer efficiency.

LNG Liquefiers

  • LNG production capacity from 10,000 to 200,000 gallons/day
  • Environmentally friendly - Nitrogen gas closed loop refrigeration cycle to liquefy the natural gas.
  • Modular, skid mounted assemblies for rapid and easy on-site installation. Particularly suitable for remote locations. Containerized plants for 10,000 to 30,000 gallons/day capacity
  • Single source engineering and manufacture of both the complete cryogenic liquefaction plants and turboexpanders
  • Designed for 30 years operating life

Natural Gas Compressor

We Offer NG Gas Compressor of:

  • Diaphragm Type
  • Piston Type

Natural Gas Pressure Regulating & Metering Station

  • Natural gas conditioning skids
  • City Gate Stations (CGS)
  • District Regulating Stations (DRS)
  • Industrial Pressure Regulating Stations (IPRS)
  • Metering & Regulating Stations (MRS) for commercial & industrial installations
  • Fiscal and Secondary Orifice / Diaphragm / RPD / Turbine / Ultrasonic based Metering Skids
  • Gas Pre-Heaters / Dryers / Odoriser Unit
  • CNG High Pressure Skids

CNG Station Equipments

We offer all critical equipments related to CNG Stations

  • CNG Dispenser
  • Priority Panel
  • Odorizer
  • CNG Cascade
  • Gas Leak Detectors

Cryo Cylinders

We supply wide range of transportable cryogenic Dewar’s having different working pressures, liquid and gas withdrawal, vertical or horizontal positioning, palletized handling solutions, etc. The main areas of use are:

  • Industrial LNG Storage

Capacity : 60 Ltrs to 800 Ltrs

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