LPG Equipments

LPG / Propane / Butane Storage Pressure Vessels

Fabrication & Supply of Storage Pressure Vessels for LPG/Propane/ Butane (ASME/ BS 5500/IS2825)

  • Underground
  • Above Ground
  • Mounded

LPG Pumps

  • Unloading and Booster pumps
  • Capacity : 60 to 400 LPM
  • Type : Positive Displacement vane type/ turbine type

Duplex and Simplex LPG pump configurations transfer liquid LPG at a required stable flow-rate and pressure to any LPG vaporizer or SNG blending system. Positive displacement rotary vane pumps are standard; centrifugal or multistage regenerative turbines are available for special applications. Includes a by-pass assembly, isolation valves, check valves, pressure gauges and a pilot operated back-pressure regulator.

  • Explosion proof
  • Completely packaged on skid
  • Optional magnetic starters

LPG Vaporizers


Electric Water bath Vaporizer

TF50 – TF500 (50-500 kg/h)

AQUA-GAS ® WB-V Series

Vertical Gas Fired Water bath Vaporizer

WB100V – WB1600V (100-1,600 GPH )

AQUA-GAS ® WB-H Series

Horizontal Gas Fired Water bath Vaporizer

WB750H – WB12500H (750-12,500 GPH )


U-Tube type Steam Vaporizer | Circulating Water Vaporizer

(500-6,000 kg/h of LPG at 60B/40P)

LPG Transfer Compressors

LPG gas compressors are primarily used to transfer liquid LPG through vapor displacement and for vapor recovery from LPG tanks. Many LPG piping systems provide NPSH conditions that are not well suited to liquid pumps. Since compressors are only exposed to vapors, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions.

  • Oil-free design
  • Self-lubricating Teflon step-cut piston rings
  • Ductile Iron construction

LPG/Autogas Dispensers

I-style / Hi – style Dispenser

  • Single Touch keypad for preset filling
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Additional purge valves to ease maintenance
  • Excess flow valve in delivery hose
  • Stainless steel or plain steel cabinet
  • Pressure Guage in the dispenser cabinet
  • Flow-rate 6 to 60 lpm
  • Accuracy better than 0.5%
  • CE approved hydraulic components
  • Certified and approved for weights & measures by NMi, the Netherlands

Unloading Arms

Our services include design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of following categories of products:

  • Marine Loading Arm
  • Railcar & Truck Loading Arm
  • QC/DC(Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupler)
  • ERC (Emergency Release Coupler) System
  • Twin Sealed Guideway Valve
  • Gangway/Quick Release Hook

LPG Pressure Regulating Stations

We offer all type of Pressure regulating station which is customized as per customer requirement

LPG Carousel

Cylinder Filling Equipment

Gas Detectors

Wireless / Flameproof/ Fixed

LPG Safety Fittings & Valves

We offer all types of LPG Safety Fittings & Valves

  • Ball Valves
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Thermal Relief Valves
  • Bypass Relief Valves
  • Y Type Strainers
  • Sight Flow Indicator
  • Liquid Level Gauges – Rotogauge/Slip Tube Gauges/Fixed magnetic level gauges

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