Remote Monitoring Systems for Liquid Fuels (FO, LSHS, LDO, SKO, LPG etc.)

DenEB Solutions  represents ISA, Portugal for its Telemetry Solutions.

ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, specializes in Telemetry and M2M solutions for the Oil & Gas market, improving efficiency, logistics and processes for Oil & Gas customers being an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, dedicated to software and hardware, and provision of services.

ISA solutions include hardware devices such as data loggers, radio transmitter units, back office software for monitoring, controlling and analyzing data, as well as front end software and mobile apps for clients. Furthermore, wireless ISA M2M devices aggregate electricity and other customer sensor data, effectively bringing the Internet of Things to the Oil & Gas market.

ISA technology will ensure that you’re able to extract more value from your current operation by planning your deliveries upfront, reducing the number of trips and optimize your truck fleet.

Only by regularly gathering stock levels you’ll be able to effectively manage your operation. This can easily be achieved, by deploying ISA products to enable the collection of your tank levels.

The real-time availability of the meter data helps detection of outages, helps detect meter fraud and reduces the overall cost of meter readings.  Automatic Meter Reading technology provides benefits for retailers, utilities and end-costumers. Accurate information over consumption throughout the value chain enhances service levels to all the stakeholders.

The cylinder retail market requires a fine grain monitoring of the bottle consumption and specially the correct time and quantity on each replacement. The challenge in place is to detect properly the right time and amount of bottles that a location needs to improve the levels of service as well the logistic chain.

ISA Telemetry Solutions enable you to deploy devices to collect field data that uses GSM or CDMA networks to store it in a cloud server in order to be accessible by our own software apps or integrated into your own ERP. Data availability is always online as well a specialized support service will enhance all your operations by performing all types of analytics on top of the data.

Installation is a seamless process that is done with a support Android App – Mammut – that will assure that all the correct site data is gathered as well the devices are properly configured and setup. This allows you to have a plug-play solution on-field.

Telelmetry Units offered by ISA Sensing are shown below.

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Remote Monitoring for Cryogenic Storage & Medical Gases

The telemetric network CRIOSYSTEM 2000, a product of AmbraSistemi, Italy, allows monitoring whichever systems including cryogenic and compressed storages, gases mixer and supply networks in medical and industrial applications.DenEB Solutions is a sole representative of Ambra remote monitoring solutions in India.

An overview of the three specific telemetry units :

Local and Remote Monitoring Unit for Cryogenic Tanks

CRIOTEL supplies detailed and immediate information; moreover CRIOTEL is an efficient support to give better services to your customers and to optimize liquid gas distribution without engraving management costs. CRIOTEL – replaces many popular equipments. Functions:

  • Differential manometer (Burton cell) with alarm switch
  • Gauge manometer with two alarm switch
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Gauge pressure transmitter
  • Remote monitoring system through phone network
  • Remote alarm system through phone network / .easy to install
  • Special design, static measurement cell and waterproof case allow direct employment of CRIOTEL in cryogenic tank and truck tank applications.
Used for remote monitoring unit of cryogenic tanks low cost

Remote monitoring of tank for level and pressure through GSM network. Functions:

  • Integrating differential and relative pressure transducers type DRT
  • Optional 4…20mA inputs for pressure transducer in alternative of DRT cell
  • Optional solar panel power supply
  • Li-ion backup integrated battery to supply the unit in power absence
  • Sleeping mode with small periodic activation to reduce the power consumption: measure reading , alarm condition verify with relative message sending.
  • Update frequency programmable from 1 to 24 hours
  • Pushbutton on front panel for manual wakeup unit
  • Programming and status upgrade messages receiving through software CRIOSYSTEM and/or mobile phone
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive installation for setup and startup
Local and remote monitoring system for compressed gases storages viz Medical Gases & Industrial Gases


  • Local and remote monitoring for measures, status and alarms with associated ID
  • Wide display 4 lines x 20 characters with led backlight
  • Alarm acoustic signal with stop pushbutton (Alarm ACK)
  • Yellow and red alarm light for medium and high alarm status
  • Alarm recovery time programmable by the user
  • Programming by pushbuttons on front panel
  • Visual indication of communication in progress and fault conditions
  • Auxiliary output switch for external cumulative alarm indicator or hooter
  • Proprietary network protocol

The peripheral telemetric systems exchange information with the Telemetric Mainframe, through PSTN/GSM network; after receiving an alarm message, the Telemetric Mainframe can call some technical operators by phone and send vocal messages containing specific information about the alarms in progress. Through the CRIOPOCKET unit constituted by a mobile pocket modem and Personal Computer, the technical operator can call the peripheral system and know the current status, without interfere on standard functions neither modifying the setup parameters. For MINICRIO instead messages SMS of reading status, allow the operator to receive the information directly on his mobile phone. Through username and password, it is possible interface with the INTERNET and get the access in real time to: alarms, storage status for liquid and compressed gases, alarm archives, measure trends archives, graphics elaboration concerning consumption trends and graphic elaboration concerning alarms. This service results interesting for maintenance operators and technical manager, whenever and wherever they want, they can have a look to all plants. CRIOWEB is sufficient safe because does not allow to limit or interfere with the plant functions and is especially interesting for plant user in those case where the storage system location result distant. The CRIONET SW Windows software application and USB or RS232 to local network interface make the MAINFRAME on local network.This system resolves problems of local installation management, without limiting or disturbing remote control functions managed by Remote Control Mainframe on Phone Network.CRIONET SW software application supplies alarms and measurements real time monitoring, alarms and measurements storing, graphical trends of measurements and consumption, histograms of alarms statistics.

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