Synthetic Natural Gas – Natural Gas Backup System

DenEB Solutions in association with Aether Dbs formerly known as Ely Energy, USA brings to you Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Systems which provide a fuel with nearly identical combustion characteristics to natural gas. Ely Energy SNG systems operate daily around the globe, in challenging environments where natural gas supply is either not available or is unreliable.

Natural gas availability and reliability problems create industrial havoc in many parts of the world. Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) is a potential solution. SNG is a blend of LPG and air that provides nearly identical combustion characteristics to natural gas. SNG and NG can be used interchangeably or blended together with NG. No burner, regulator or orifice adjustments are necessary to the consuming equipment. Fuel interchange-ability remains seamless. SNG has a higher specific gravity than natural gas. Consequently, less SNG flow through a pipe or orifice compared to natural gas given the same pressure drops. It is compensated for reduced volumetric flow by increasing the calorific value of the SNG. In other words, since less SNG flows through the pipe than NG - the SNG must contain a higher heating value. Accordingly, the SNG system provides with the same Wobbe Value (i.e. energy flow) as the natural gas it is replacing or imitating. We offer design and manufacture both standardized and customized modular SNG systems. Capacities range from >50 metric ton/h LPG input to 50 kg/h. We offer systems for 100% propane, 100% butane as well as all LPG blends.

General Motors – Mexico - This SNG System operated as The only source of fuel for almost 3 years until NG was Available in this area

SNG Blenders

SNG Venturi Blending System
Capacity: 4 - 250 MMBTU/h
Pressures: 6 - 12 PSIG
Single skid configuration; combines the AQUA-GAS® Waterbath Vaporizer and VAPO R-JET® Venturi Blender. Simple field installation with only two flanged pipe connections and single J-Box connection.
  • Single skid configuration
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Optional Maintenance/Control Module
  • Most popular Standby System in U.S.A.

Bl ower -Assisted SNG Venturi- Blending System
Capacity: 4 - 225 MMBTU/h
Pressures: 12 - 14.5 PSIG; 14.5 - 20 PSIG ( > 14.5 PSIG s ystem re quires an ASME Stampe d Surge Tank)
Provides SNG at a discharge pressure higher than can be attained with a venturi. The design combines the AQUA-GAS® Waterbath Vaporizer and a blower enhanced VAPO R-JET® Venturi Blender. Unlike a standard venturi which inspirates atmospheric air, the AQUA-AIRE™ obtains air via a blower.
  • Single skid configuration
  • Air blower and surge tank included
  • Optional Maintenance/Control Module
  • Simple to install and operate

SNG Venturi Blending System
Capacity: 4 - 250 MMBTU/h
Pressures: 6 - 12 PSIG
A complete SNG Venturi Blender System. Can be configured with any vaporizer. System is complete with surge tank. Creates an SNG blend for direct replacement of natural gas. Offers simple and dependable operation with 100% turndown.
  • Compatible with any brand of vaporizer
  • Noise suppression options available
  • Designed for outdoor installation

AFC™ SNG Blender
Proportional SNG Blender
Capacity: 15 - 2,500 MMBTU/h
Pressures: 15 - 330 PSIG
The AFC™ Blender is a fully packaged, intelligent Gas-Air mixing system designed to replace all existing mixing technologies. AFC™ stands for Active Flow Control. The AFC™ uses a control system that combines both ‘feed forward’ and ‘feed back’ control for fast response and unparalleled accuracy.

SNG Packed Solutions

Utili-Pak™ Up Series
Proportional Blending System
Capacity: 36 - 800 MMBTU/h
Pressures: 7 - 150 PSIG
The UTILI-PAK™ SNG Module is a fully packaged proportional SNG blending system designed for CityGas, peak shaving or large industrial applications. The UTILI-PAK™ contains discreet compartments for air compression, power distribution, LPG/Air blending and controls.

Proportional Blending System
Capacity: 20 MMBTU/h to 300 MMBTU/h
The AQUA-PAK™ SNG Blending Module is a packaged, “plug and play,” SNG blending system. The packages combines our AQUA-GAS® LPG vaporizer and AFC™ SNG blender on a common skid. The design includes all of the piping and electrical interconnections between the two main subsystems. Also included is first stage pressure regulation and filtration of the air and the LPG as well as an air surge tank and the SNG downstream pressure regulator. The maintenance/control module is standard on the AQUA-PAK™. It contains the control panels for the vaporizer and SNG blending.

Natural Gas Line Heaters

The AQUA-GAS NG Series provides safe heating to natural gas supplies to:

  • Prevent the formation of ice during pressure changes (Joule-Thompson effect)
  • Maintain process temperatures in upstream and downstream distribution systems
  • Protect against internal and external freezing in lines and equipment


Calorimeters use a combustion process to measure the Wobbe Index Value or Calorific Value of SNG or other combustible gases. The Calorific Value is expressed as the Net Heating Value. Wobbe Index combines the effects of calorific value and specific gravity. The calorimeters are fast, reliable, and easy to maintain and operate.

TTU Station

TTU stands for Truck Transport Unloading. The station includes all the necessary components and features to make the transfer of LPG from vehicle to storage tank fast, convenient and safe. EEI offers the TTU Package in two capacities— Standard and High Capacity. Optional features such as “Bottle Filling” (e.g. for forklift cylinders) and Methanol Injection Systems, are available.

Gas Trap

GAS -TRAP™ Dm Series Demister
Models : DM250 - DM5000

The vapor Demister-Separator removes entrained liquids and particulate contaminants commonly found in LPG vapor. Use of the GAS-TRAP™ reduces maintenance and downtime of downstream LPG consuming equipment keeping valves, orifices and burners free from particulate build-up. The coalescing element provides maximum impingement area for the vapor flow, ensuring high efficiency.

Flare Stack

SURE-LITE™ F Series Flare Stack
Model F100

The flare stack allows the SNG System to be operated for test or regularly scheduled preventive maintenance reasons without requiring the LPG/Air to be introduced into the pipeline or industrial facility. The SURE-LITE™ design incorporates the virtually windproof RETAIN-A-FLAME™ flare igniter head. The flare assembly has an electronic ignition system allowing both local and remote activation.

Rail unloading Tower

Railcar Unloading Tower

Railcar towers are used in conjunction with an LPG Compressor for railcar loading and unloading applications. The railcar towers are supplied complete with standard hardware ready for installation. Contact EEI for scope of supply details and optional components.

  • Designed specifically for railroad tank cars
  • Drop hoses provide flexibility
  • Top quality materials