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Remote Monitoring of Cryogenic Liquids and Gases & Hospital Management Systems

Remote Monitoring (Telemetry) Systems for monitoring Level, Pressure and Flow for Cryogenic Tanks, gas cylinders, vacuum and compressed air stations. To know more about RMS products and services please visit www.ambrasistemi.it

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Cylinder Filling Equipment

LPG / Propane

Design fabrication and supply of storage pressure vessels for LPG, propane, butane and other liquids.

(ASME /BS 5500/IS2825)

LPG Pumps

Duplex and Simplex LPG pump configurations transfer liquid LPG at a required stable flow-rate and pressure to any LPG vaporizer 

LPG Vaporizers

Electric water bath/ Steam/Fuel fired 

50kg/hr - 20,000 kg/hr

LPG Transfer Compressors

LPG gas compressors are primarily used to transfer liquid LPG through vapour displacement and for vapour recovery from LPG tanks

LPG Ambient Air Vaporiser

Design fabrication and supply of ambient air vaporiser. Eliminates the need of electrical heater, water or steam

Unloading Arms

LPG Pressure Regulating Stations

We offer all type of Pressure regulating station which is customized as per customer requirement

Gas Detectors

Wireless / Flameproof/ Fixed

LPG Safety Fittings & Valves

We offer all types of LPG Safety Fittings & Valves