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Remote Monitoring of Cryogenic Liquids and Gases & Hospital Management Systems

Remote Monitoring (Telemetry) Systems for monitoring Level, Pressure and Flow for Cryogenic Tanks, gas cylinders, vacuum and compressed air stations. To know more about RMS products and services please visit

Pure Gas

AsH3, B2H , BCL3,BF3,  C2F6, CHF3, PH3, WF6, ClF3, CF4,  HBr, CO2, H2, O2, HCl, N2, Cl2, NF3, N2O, NH3, CH2F2, H2Se, H2S

Gas Mixtures

B2H6/H2, BCl3/N2, PH3/H2, PH3/N2,  PH3/He,   Xe/Ne,  F2/Ne,  H2/Ne, HCl/H2/Ne,  O2/H3,  N2/He,  O2/N2,  H2/He,  Ne/Kr/Co/Co2/N2/Xe, and Customized mixtures

Hydro Carbons

C2H2, C2H4, C3H6, C3H8,  C4H10, C5H12

Rare Gas

Noble Gases - He, Kr, Ne, Xe, Ar, Rn

Rare Gas Mixtures -  Ne/Ar,  Xe/Ne,  including customized mixtures

Specialty Gas

(CH3)2NH, CH3Cl3Si, C8H24N4TI, SiCl3H and other Toxic, corrosive, flammable gases