• Air Separation Plants (ASU)
  • Cryogenic  Stationary Storage Installations (10KL to 100 KL) – LIN/LOX/LAR/LCO2 & Medical
  • Cylinder Filling Plant (From 80 m3 /hr to 600 m3/hr)
  • Plant Piping


  • Consultancy in erection and commissioning of Air Separation Plants
  • Project Management and execution for construction & commissioning of Air separation plant and allied facilities.
  • Assistance in evaluation / selection of contractors for various jobs in Air separation plant and allied facilities.
  • Training in Air Separation technology in Erection, commissioning, Operations , Maintenance and safety
  • Modification  / Revamping of old plants.
  • Facilitate supply of materials and fabrication of equipments for air separation plant.
  • Planning Maintenance schedules and selection of annual maintenance contracts through experienced contractors.
  • Selection of vendors for supply of machineries/accessories like compressors, turbines, pumps etc.
  • Trouble shooting of Air Separation Plants